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Baked Corn Tortilla Chips

(Queue life coach/sports broadcaster/radio show host voice)

I am here to tell you that you are wonderful, strong, and capable people with the power to make your own tortilla chips. What?! Yes, that’s right. You have the power in your very hands to create your very own tortilla chips.

Have you ever felt so empowered? You have the power to make your very own chips for your salsa-Sunday-afternoon snack. Tortilla chips are an American and south-of-the-border classic.

For those of you that have spent decent portions of your paychecks on overly priced, underly filled, overly aired, underly nutritious, and yet delicious bags of goodness, I have good news. You can take back control of your wallet, your sodium levels, and the space in your pantry.

Ok, have you had enough. Me, too.

Try as you might, this recipe is simple enough that it is nigh unto impossible to mess it up. If you want a recipe to teach your children to give them confidence in the kitchen that is low stakes, this is a good one to use.

Here we go:

In the beginning there were corn tortillas. … We start with a nice stack of corn tortillas.

It is important to oil the tortillas. This lubricates them and will cut down on the number of tortillas that break. Oil will also help the tortilla chips crisp and brown nicely. The key to the beauty of a tortilla chip is in the oil. Remember, oil the tortillas individually. Oil them well. And all will be well. Now we cut. Use a large, sharp knife. Make sure the knife is not serrated. Serrations will cut through and make the edges rough. You want nice, clean edges. Now this part is tricky. Your task is to cut the stack of corn tortillas into sixes. Your instinct will be to cut it in half and then half again, but I’m telling you, if you continue in this direction, you will end up with eighths.

I am issuing a challenge to cut it in sixths. You will cut the pile in half and then in thirds from there. May God be with you.

Here you can salt to your liking. Your sodium levels are in your own hands. The amount of power is overwhelming.Broil rhyme on high until they are a nice golden brown. Feel free to flip to get both sides crispy and delicious! The crispiness and saltiness will be just what your pregnant sister-in-law is craving.And you are done! Let me be the first to congratulate you for getting this far. I think you will be happy with the result. After all, it is your creation. 

If you would like a recipe for nutritious and delicious guacamole-variant made primarily of edamame, you can see our Sisters Holy Eda-mole recipe. The chips and the eda-mole compliment each other nicely. I think your Sunday afternoon snacking ritual has just leveled up a notch. Also, don’t forget to check out our Restaurant Style Blender Salsa, its a family favorite for sure!

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