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Our Favorite Probiotic

Let’s talk gut health and our favorite probiotics! If you know us, we’re those sisters who make homemade kefir, experiment with fermented vegetables, and make flavored vinegars. This kind of stuff gets us excited!

More and more research is revealing that our physical and mental health starts by having a healthy gut. Lets be honest, when we first heard that Silver Fern probiotics weren’t refrigerated we were skeptical. We have always believed that refrigerated probiotics were the best kind due to the live organisms, we were wrong.

We did our research on this brand and read independent studies and are so impressed with its survivability in the stomach. Studies show that the vast majority of probiotics on the market are either dead on the shelf or will die while passing through the harsh, acidic environment of the stomach.

It’s so exciting that we can have a quality probiotic we can take on vacation as well, because we hate trying to keep them cold. We love the pills and their probiotic drink mixes for traveling.

Wai Drink Mix

Silver Fern also provide a weight loss program called the Elevated Plan using probiotics that you should look up if you’re looking for permanent weight loss. We’ve done a whole post on the Elevated Plan, if you’re interested in learning more.

Silver Fern Elevated Program

Check out Silver Fern do the research for yourself, we’re so happy we found their products!

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